The University of Minnesota Sailing Team is a club sport, sailing in the MCSA and greater ICSA conferences. We practice at the Wayzata Community Sailing Center (WCSC) mainly in 420s, FJs, and Lasers, with some time spent in a range of keel boats including J22s, Sonars, Tom 28s. The team travels extensively throughout the Midwest, ranging from Ann Arbor to Chicago, Milwaukee, Iowa City and many more. In addition, the team makes longer trips to cities such as New York, Annapolis, St. Petersburg, and Austin among others.

Our team is avidly looking for new members. We welcome all levels of skill and knowledge of sailing. We believe that sailing should always be an enjoyable activity for the participant.

Our coaching is set up to allow for instructing a wide range of skill levels. Whether you have never been in a boat, or if you are an expert sailor, you will be able to improve your skills through our club.

By joining, sailors get access to wide range of perks.  The team has access to a large fleet of boats at the WCSC, travel to regattas and practices, coaching, social events, leadership opportunities, regional networking (in the sailing world at least), a team sport experience, and the creation of lifelong memories and relationships.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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