Meet our new coach for the spring, Hans Vroege!

“I am a Senior at the University of Saint Thomas and my major is General Business Management.

I’ve been sailing for 20 years or so. I grew up with sailing parents so I’ve been on boats my whole life.

I started training with the UMN team after starting the University of Saint Thomas sailing club. Unfortunately, the club disbanded. I still wanted to get on the water and be involved in collage sailing so I contacted Wayzata Community Sailing Center to see if the could train with the U as an independent. Matt mentioned that the U of M needed a coach and asked if I was interested. I was interested.

I am looking forward to see the team’s skills increase as the weather gets better. One of my favorite aspects of spring sailing is that the weather reflects the team.
At first, the weather is cold and terrible. It is also the first time the team gets together on the water since the fall. This means the team is out of practice (cold and terrible).
As the season continues the weather gets better. As that happens, the walk-on’s feel more comfortable with the team and as a whole, everyone gets better.
As a coach, I enjoy watching that spring progression take place.”


Spring is (Almost) Here!

GOOOODDMORRRNNING MINNESOTA and welcome to the Spring 2017 season. We had a wonderful Fall 2016. A special shout out goes to all those who won awards at midwinters for being bomb sailors.

To kick off the new season, learn more about us, free pizza and candy, come on down to the Coffman Great Hall tomorrow from 12 to 4 pm. We will give you the run down and show you what we are all about!

First Day of Practice!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of the Fall 2015 Season! Practices are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-6pm. Pick-ups are the same for now:

Como and 15th – 2:15pm

Dinky: 6th and 12th – 2:20pm

Centen front stairs – 2:25pm

Don’t forget to fill out a participation waiver which can be found on the link below.

Fall Registration and Practices 2015

Just a reminder…

With Fall 2015 Registration coming very soon remember to schedule classes around practices! We practice every week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:15-6pm.
Since we practice off campus at Wayzata Yacht Club we do carpool using Sports Club Vehicles. Pickup times and locations are:
2:15pm Como and 15th
2:20pm Dinkytown 12th Ave and 6th St
2:25pm Centen front Stairs
Remember: if you can only practice once or twice a week that is okay! If you also have a class that ends and 2:15, you still can make it to practice. We can always wait a few extra minutes for you 🙂

Fall Fury Champs!

Congratulations to our Gopher teams in Madison at Fall Fury this past weekend! Gopher Women finished in 1st, and Gopher Coed finished in 7th! For our first regatta of the season, it was a fabulous start. The wind was extremely shifty and light on Saturday, postponement starting around lunch time and going almost until the end of the day. However, we were able to get a full day of racing in on Sunday with good, but shifty, breeze. We had three sailors competing in their first college regatta EVER this weekend and are very proud of their finishes! Great sailing to  Izzy Hamilton, Cailin Oakes, Ethan Holdahl, Eric Villadsen, Emily Oltrogge, Alison Kent, Emily Johnson, and Michael Capper. GO GOPHS! way to start the season.


Fall Fury '14

Co-Ed Qualifiers on Home Water – St.Mary’s bound!

This weekend, we hosted MCSA Co-Ed Qualifiers at the Wayzata Community Sailing Center. There was shifty, but good breeze on Saturday, which provided us with a full day of racing. Knowing that Sunday’s weather was a little iffy, we pushed for as many quality races as we could on Saturday. Come Sunday, thunder, lightning, and gusts over 20 knots all factored into the races being cancelled. With the results from Saturday being finalized, the top five teams qualified for Co-Ed Semi-Nationals at St.Mary’s June 3rd! The teams that qualified, in order of finishes, are University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin – Madison, University of Notre Dame, and University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Congratulations to all of the teams who qualified, including your Golden Gophers! Drake Lundeen, Wheeler Morris, Sarah Ellis, Ryan Grosch, and Paige Boegeman were the sailors who represented the U in this weekend’s regatta. 

The top three teams were within 4 points of each other at the end of the day! It was a very close regatta with a lot of exciting racing, the sailors from different teams really pushed each other, which was great to see in a variety of wind conditions – and kept everyone on their toes! We are very excited of our second place finish, and are looking forward to what Semis has in store for us. Next up – Women’s Quals in Michigan. Go Gophs!

See how the results played out here: